My name is Joseph Monde and I would like to welcome you to the exciting and challenging world of music and GUITARS PLUS!
Are you or someone you know a child or an adult with an interest in learning to play music? Are you an absolute beginner or advanced player?
Are you interested in a certain style of music such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, etc.?
Do you want to learn to play simply for self enjoyment or do you want to take it further?
No matter where your personal music goals lie there is something here for you!

GUITARS PLUS is a complete music learning center that has fully certified instruction available to students of all ages, levels and interests.
Rental instruments for students who do not yet own one.
Repairs and service for any instrument in need and a fully functional recording studio.


GUITARS PLUS students now have a choice of studio locale.
GUITARS PLUS in Southbury is located only minutes from both the Southbury Plaza and Southford Falls State Park at 970 Jeremy Swamp Road.
GUITARS PLUS in Woodbury is located only minutes from the intersection of Routes 67 and 172 right over the townline in Woodbury at Woodlake Condominiums.