GUITARS PLUS offers private lessons, semi-private lessons and lessons in the student’s home or office!
Private lessons are “one-on-one” with the teacher.
Semi-private lessons are made up of a group of 2-3 students at the same time with the teacher. Students can form their own semi-private group with family/friends or join one of our already existing groups!

Every students first lesson is free. Students can meet with their teacher and get a feel for what actually goes on in a real lesson. They can see what they will be learning and hear how music really sounds when it’s played LIVE! Everyone is always welcome to have their first lesson free without any obligation. After this first meeting if a student decides to continue onto the second lesson a permanent lesson time will be scheduled. This time will remain the same each week. Students have a choice of lesson locale, you can schedule lessons in our Southbury studio, our Woodbury studio or even in your own home! Once the lesson time, format and location has been decided it will remain the same each week! Lesson payment is due on the first lesson of each month for all of the weeks in that month. Also due now is the “last month” lesson payment. All students at GUITARS PLUS are required to pay for their last month of lessons (this may even be years down the road). Many students in the past have discontinued lessons without giving us any notice and simply not showing up for the first lesson of a new month. This way even if a student forgets to tell us of their discontinuing lessons we will still know it by their not paying for that given month and we can then open up their lesson time for the next available student.
All students are required to pay for the full month of lessons each month. Deductions are not made for student cancellations. Instead a Make-up Lesson may be scheduled.